About the Equity Saver USA owner and broker:

Jordan Hague (left) pictured with Michael Dell, the inspiration behind the Equity Saver USA business model.


Equity Saver USA's owner and principal broker, Jordan Hague, was born and raised in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area where his family history dates back to the 1800's. One of many interesting local facts about Jordan Hague includes his Great Grandfather, Harvey Earnest Jordan. Dr. Jordan was Dean of the UVA medical school from 1939-1949.

Jordan attended Meriwether Lewis Elementary, Henley Middle and Western Albemarle High School. He earned a B.A. in Management from James Madison University, graduating with distinction. While at JMU, Jordan completed courses offered through the JMU Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Center.

Jordan Hague's background also includes working 13 years for Dell Technology where he collaborated with some of the best and brightest Fortune 25 business professionals in corporate America. One of the many responsibilities assigned to Jordan Hague at Dell included managing a half billion dollar annual sales territory.

Jordan's real estate career began as a weekend hobby of fixing up and selling homes in Texas.  He decided to obtain a Texas real estate broker license in 1999 after several financially disappointing experiences with local real estate agents.   Jordan also obtained a Virginia real estate broker license and decided to apply principles from the Dell business model into traditional real estate brokerage models. The result is Equity Saver USA. Equity Saver USA is headquartered in Charlottesville, VA due to local familiarity, economy, family and climate.

Harriett Orrock: Office Manager

Harriett Orrock brings decades of wealth management and finance experience to the Equity Saver USA team. Her accomplishments include a 30 year career in corporate banking where she was Vice President of Wealth and Investment Management for SunTrust. Harriett obtained series 6, 63 and 7 securities trading FINRA licences, paraplanner and has a BA from Mary Baldwin. She enjoys teaching fitness (AFAA certified instructor)at ACAC and spending time with her grand children. 

Your Realty Partners in the Charlottesville Area

Equity Saver USA utilizes an improved alternative to the "6%" listing model that most brokers follow today.  The Equity Saver USA brokerage model is designed to provide sellers and buyers of real estate with great service and significant savings without compromise.

Our business model eliminates and minimizes traditional operating expenses and inefficiencies. Our savings and efficiencies allow Equity Saver USA clients to enjoy great service with some of the lowest commission rates available in the industry!


Equity Saver USA serves to protect and increase the levels of wealth and equity for clients during property sales. Client savings and equity actually grow with the market value of their properties when using the Equity Saver USA brokerage model! We believe that your return on investment and equity should grow as your property appreciates in value.  


Real Estate is a significant investment and Equity Saver USA protects your investment interests by forfeiting a large portion of the listing fee normally paid into traditional brokerage models. 

Equity Saver USA is capitalizing on the real estate industry's (as a whole) failure to evolve and innovate itself over the past 20 years for the benefit of its consumers (buyers and sellers of real estate).


During the past 20 years, we've all witnessed a dramatic increase in home prices and an explosion in the advancements of technology which have forever changed the face of business efficiency!  We asked ourselves a simple question: "Why is the real estate industry still charging (on average) a 6% commission rate that was used, and justified,  20 years ago?" 


The common answer..."that's the way we do things here..."  was alarming to us so we are challenging the outdated models still practiced today by offering a better and more competitive business model!   There is now a long over due alternative to the inefficient and costly status quo....It's called Equity Saver USA!  Equity Saver USA is the registered trade name of Old Dominion Realty and Investment L.L.C.