Common Questions:

How is it possible to list a home for 1% when everyone else charges 3%-6% of the sale price?

Facts about today’s real estate professional:

  • Advancements in technology make today’s real estate agents job much easier to perform. Example: MLS databases, cell phones, internet and mobile computing did not exist in real estate 20 years ago. 6% commissions were justifiable before the hyper growth  of technology, information sharing and fill in the blank sale contracts.
  • Property values have dramatically increased over the past 25 years; yet average real estate broker commissions remain unchanged at 6%.
  • A 6% commission does not help sell your property or serve any value to a seller or buyer; it simply keeps large, outdated and inefficient brokerage models operational.
  • Real estate agents now perform a commodity service, property values have increased and the tools of the trade have advanced dramatically…6% commissions from the sale of your property are no longer justified!
  • Greater than 85% of home buyers now find the property they ultimately purchase using the internet before involving a realtor to represent them in closing.
  • There is no good reason for a 6% commission model to exist in today’s marketplace.

What is Full Service?
"Full Service" can be defined differently by every office and Broker you meet. Make sure you understand the services promised to you and what they will ultimately cost at the time of closing. Equity Saver USA offers transparent cost modeling, meaning, the only surprise you have at closing is how much money you saved by using Equity Saver USA.  Equity Saver USA will EXCEED any "Full Service" experience you've had with other agencies.


Who does EquitySaverUSA represent?
Equity Saver USA represents anyone selling or buying real estate. Click here to see how much you save using  A brokerage disclosure form and representation contract are required before representation can begin.


The seller pays for the buyer's agent, why should a buyer care if their "buyer's agent" keeps 3% of a sellers 6% commission offering?
The buyer supplies the funds to close on a home, not the seller. Therefore, the buyer pays for the entire sales commission, not the seller. A seller simply sets the commission rate when listing with a broker. That percentage is generally 6% of the sale price, which is typically split between the listing broker and the buyer's broker at 3% each. The buyer ultimately pays the commission level "baked" into the list price.  Buyers rarely recognize (until the day of closing) that Realtor commission are factored into their closing costs (which is financed for many years with interest)! Click here to learn how you can earn 2/3's of the buyer's agent commission.


What is the EquitySaverUSA "Can you beat this" policy?
One of our business principles is to offer low cost alternatives to expensive conventional models.  We want to hear about any offer that appears to beat the services available through We will consider beating any verified offer obtained.


When will a Realtor arrive to take pictures and prepare the home for buyers to view?
You select the day and time! We are available 24 hours a day to schedule appointments by dialing 434-977-SAVE (7283) or 888-633-8993.


How do we agree on a listing price for my home?
Equity Saver USA will supply you with basic and comprehensive market analysis information that compares your subject property to prior sale history, current market conditions and inventory. We arm every client with extensive information, make recommendations, and help answer all questions. Property owners ultimately determine their listing price and commission structure.


Will other brokerage companies show my property if I list with
Yes! Over 85% of buyers view a property online and tell their buyer agent which homes they want to tour.  In addition, Equity Saver USA recommends that a buyer's agent commission in the form of a commission or flat rate be offered during every sale.  The buyer funds the commission paid to realtors, sellers simply set the commission level.  All salespeople, Realtors and brokers should show listings that are of interest to their clients regardless of commission structure. Gross neglect or ethical violations should be reported to the local and state Realtor Associations. here


What happens if the contract on my home fails to close?
Contracts occasionally fail to close for a variety of reasons, including lender terms, funding issues, inspection results and possession conflicts. Equity Saver USA manages your account based on the days it takes to receive a ratified contract (accepted by both parties) regardless of how many contracts are processed for your property.

The Equity Saver USA Days on Market package concludes when an offer is accepted and executed by seller and buyer, not the closing date of the contract. This policy benefits the client because closing dates can take days to months to conclude.

We can also negotiate a flat rate for listing services that do not relate to the number of days on market!


What other area's of the country does service?
Equity Saver USA is headquartered and operates in Central, VA. Franchise and licensing opportunities are considered on a case by case basis.  Please use our "Contact Us" tab, and select the Franchise option to learn more.


Can I pay less than 3% to a Buyer's Agent?

A "standard commission rate" does not exist, but the typical market rate found is 3% to a buyers agent and 3% to a sellers agent. Equity Saver USA can represent buyers but if you sell your home to a  buyer who is unrepresented by an agent, you do not have to pay the 3% buyers agent commission. That money is yours, you keep it.


How many photos will be on my Listing?
Up to 50 photographs can be loaded into the local MLS database!  Equity Saver USA will post high resolution photos and offers a link to a real time video of your property.


Who selects properties that a buyer will tour?
The reality of the market today is that 85%+ of home buyers are using the internet to find homes and are telling their agent which homes they want to see. Many buyers will use the listing agent and utilize what is called a Dual Brokerage agreement where the buyer and seller are represented by the same agent impartially.  Buyer's generally don't care who the listing agent is as long as they secure a home that meets the needs of their family.


As a full-service Charlottesville real estate broker, Equity Saver USA offers a wide range of services; from finding the right property to managing it after the lease has been signed.


Our core services include:

  • Brokerage: We guarantee competent and attentive brokerage services, based on in-depth knowledge of the area's real estate markets and extensive experience in the realty business. We will help you find your property, whether you're looking to buy, sell or lease.
  • Consulting: We understand the market in Charlottesville and can provide you with comprehensive consulting concerning any type of transaction
  • Management Services: We will help you manage your property long after the lease has been signed.
  • Financing: We can set up an individually tailored financing plan, including advice on various sources of funding and referrals to our trusted bank partners.
  • Paperwork: We assume the detailed preparation and handling of paperwork, saving you time to focus on the essentials. Our in-depth knowledge of local zoning regulations, realty documentation and other details guarantees you the best deal.

Other Services at Equity Saver USA

At Equity Saver USA we understand that changing homes is more than just a legal transaction.  For that reason, we offer the following services to help in your decision.


  • Pre-financing help
  • Insurance recommendations
  • Community contact information
  • Change of address kits
  • Moving company recommendations
  • Moving day check-lists